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Directories Available Online

  • Business Wire
    Many news stories never make it into print, even in local or specialized publications. Consult electronic wire services for corporate press releases.
    All business are legally required to file application and staments forms with their perspective Secretary of State office. This internet site includes links to Secretary of State Offices in each state of the U.S.
  • Forbes Lists
    Search the Forbes ranked lists of companies and other Forbes lists, including the "200 Best Small Companies," the "400 Best Big Companies," and the "International 500."
  • Fortune 500
    Search this list of links to companies or access the list in various ranked orders.
  • Hoover's Corporate Register
    This site gives links to company home pages. It also has a subscription service portion that contains profiles for 12 million companies, including 40,000 in-depth. The profiles include contact information, a review of the company, and more.
  • ThomasNet (Thomas Register of Manufacturers)
    Search across 607,000 manufacturers across the U.S. and Canada. A good resource for business-to-business information needs. Also provides a means to trace a brand name back to its manufacturer.
  • American Business Leaders of the 20th CenturyFrom Harvard Business School: "This database was compiled in an effort to identify and chronicle the lives of 20th century men and women whose business leadership shaped the ways that people live, work, and interact."

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