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Turnitin Originality Check FAQ

by 서수환 (Seo, Soo Hwan) on 2020-11-30T11:47:00+09:00 | Comments


Q1. How should I interpret my Similarity Report?

A1.  You can read full guidance on how to interpret the similarity report by following this link.


Q2. I can't upload a file to Turnitin? I see an Error message 'Unable to Submit' or 'Procession'.

A2.  Check the deadline of the assignment set by your instructor. If you continue to see the error, and you are using Chrome, sometimes Hangul Word Processor files (.hwp) can cause errors.

  *How to solve an error you encounter when uploading a .hwp file: You can resolve this issue by first converting the .hwp file into PDF before submitting. Open the converted PDF file and click the “Save As" button (you may overwrite in the same name). Now, upload the PDF file to Turnitin.


Q3. How can I re-upload my assignment after revising it?

A3.  If your instructor allows for re-uploading for the assignment, you can click “Re-upload” in the space you uploaded your assignment to initially. Please note that as it may take up to 24 hours to view similarity check report for re-upload, make sure that you can complete re-uploading before the deadline. Re-submissions must be enabled for your assignment by your instructor.

If your instructor has enabled re-submissions for your assignment you will find the option to submit your file in the Assignment Inbox located on the Class Homepage.

When you want to delete the uploaded file, please contact us by email:

* Please enter your school name and Turnitin ID(Email Joined Turnitin), Submission ID in your mail.


Q4. Can references and citations not be included?
A4.  This depends on settings that your Instructor will set during the assignments creation. Your instructor can choose to automatically exclude matches to small sources, bibliography, and quoted material as optional settings.

  When using these option settings Turnitin will look for a set collection of phrases and the content of those sections will automatically be excluded from the Similarity Report.

You can check it through the video(Click).


Q5. Where Can I Check The "Class ID / PW"?
A5. You can check it on the library homepage. Class ID and PW are essential for creating a turn-in personal account, so please check before you create an account. 2020 Class ID / PW confirmation link (click), library homepage login is required



[word description]

English 한국어


참고 문헌


참고 문헌들

reference cited

인용된 문헌

references cited

인용된 문헌들

reference and note

참고 문헌 및 노트

references and note

참고 문헌들 및 노트

reference and notes

참고 문헌 및 노트들

references and notes

참고 문헌들 및 노트들

reference & note

참고 문헌 & 노트

references & note

참고 문헌들 & 노트

reference & notes

참고 문헌 & 노트들

references & notes

참고 문헌들 & 노트들







work cited

인용 저작물

works cited

인용 저작물





literature cited

인용 문헌

references and further reading

참고 문헌 및 독서 목록

reference list

참고 문헌 목록







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