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Seat·Room Booking

In order to use the Study room, seats must be assigned through the seat allocation system. Study rooms are available 24/7.


Study room

Central Library Study room 1, Study room 2, Study room 3


How to use

Reservation of seats via KIOSK and Mobile

Seats are assigned to you in the Study room GATE to certify your student ID and mobile ID.

Reservation is automatically canceled if you do not certify to GATE in the Study room within 30 minutes after reservation

Seat release
If you re-enter within 2 hours after you go out, you can continue using it.
Return / Extension

Return, extension is done through Kiosk, Mobile.

Extendable from 1 hour before return time (up to 3 times, 4 hours per extension)


Mobile App

  • Search and install "경희대 도서관 이용증" on Google Play Store, Apple App Store.



The Group Study Room is a facility that supports group learning for undergraduate and graduate students. Group study rooms can be booked in the seat allocation system.



Group Study Room 1 ~ 5 in the Central Library Study Room 3
Group Study Room 6 in the Central Library Research Commons


How to use

  • Group study room reservations are available from 7 days prior to use through mobile app.
  • More than 3 people can apply.
  • Select room ▷ Selece date ▷ Select times ▷ input ID (3 or more) ▷ Complete Reservation
  • Tickets can be issued at Kiosk on the day of use (from 30 minutes before reservation to 30 minutes after reservation)
  • 3 or more student IDs must be verified before ticketing



  • Ticketing not possible at the same time as the reading room
  • If you do not use it more than 2 times after your reservation, your reservation will be limited for 15 days.


모바일 App  이용

  • Search and install "경희대 도서관 이용증" on Google Play Store, Apple App Store.



To hold seminars for undergraduates and graduate students, we operate a Seminar room in the Central Library Media Commons (1F).

Location Central Library Media Commons (1F)
Hour Mon ~ Fri 09:00 ~ 17:00
Limitations During the semester, every Monday and Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00 are not available due to the movie event



  • Usage time can not exceed 3 hours and can be used for more than 3 persons.
  • Applications must be made at least one day before the date of use.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 3 hours in advance.
  • Please check-in at least 5 minutes before the reservation time.

Every Student of KHU can use the locker kiosk in the lobby of the Central Library(1F).


  • Rental Fee : KRW 8,000 per month
  • Additional fees will be charged, KRW 300 per day, if you exceed the booking period.


General Instructions
  • There is no additional charge if you clean out the locker within the booking period.
  • If you want to take out the item after the rental period, you need to pay an additional fee.
  • Even though the use of the locker is restricted, additional fees will be charged daily, so please check the rental period of the locker.
  • Please make sure you do not expose your locker password to others. KHU library is not liable for the item theft, if the password is exposed.



SAENU Custmer Service Center  ☎ 1899-4711 

For the convenience of research and study, we operate a carrel in the Central Library Resource Room (B1).

Number of Carrel 8 rooms in the Resource Room
Hour on semester : Mon ~ Fri 09:00 ~ 21:00  |  on vacation : Mon ~ Fri 09:00 ~ 17:30


Terms of use

Eligibility Ph.D. graduate students (attending)
Application period End of February End of June End of August End of December
Period of use March ~ June July ~ August September ~ December January ~ February
Application We announce it through homepage.



  • The carrel is one room per person.
  • The use may be canceled if it is used differently from its intended purpose or if it is in bad condition.
  • The user shall be responsible for the storage and management of all the equipment (including the keys) rented during the period of use and compensate for the loss of the room and damages.
  • We are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.

Open Lab is a space installed with [LINC+] and Central Library Industry-Academic Cooperation Infrastructure Improvement Project. Open Lab is a space for creative ideas for employment and start-up. It is a space for students' team projects through the expansion of Capstone design and start-up education.

Location Inside the Central Library's Research Commons Commons (2F)
Hour on semester: Monday to Friday at 09:00 to 21:00 / on vacation: Monday to Friday at 09:00 to 17:30

Study Room & Group Study Room

Central Library Resource Room



SAENU Custmer Service Center


Seminar Room

Central Library Media Commons



Central Library Resource Room