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Submit Thesis

We register your thesis as a library collection for preserving and using of scholarly materials. In particular, we provide services to maximize the use of theses by simultaneously collecting data in the form of electronic documents, including printed theses. Please submit it within the submission period according to the submission method below.




Original File

Hard Copy

When to submit

26th June (Mon) ~ 7th July (Fri)

According to the own schedule of each graduate school

How to submit

1. Original file of the thesis should be submitted prior to the submission of the hard copy

2. Library homepage > RESEARCH > Submit thesis

1. After submitting the original file online and receiving approval, print one copy of ‘Confirmation Document for Submission’ and 'Author Permission Agreement for Copyright License'.

2. Numbers of submission copies needed.

Master’s : 3 copies (With hard cover, including one copy of the original approval letter)

Doctorate : 3 copies (With hard cover, including one copy of the original approval letter)

Where to submit

Online Submission 

Central Library Resource Room(B1)
Research Help Desk

Required documents

1. Thesis Original File Submission Confirmation (Mandatory)

2. Author Permission Agreement for Copyright License (Mandatory)

3. Statement of Reasons for Disapproving the Release of the Thesis (if applicable)

4. Statement of Reasons for Late Release(Embargo) of the Thesis (if applicable)

Order of submitting thesis

1. Submit electronic file version of the thesis (dCollection, available for 24 hours)

log in : log in after Login procedure of Submitter 

"log In" icon click → "Login procedure of Submitter" icon click → Input Student ID, Name, email → Confirm → Check login authentication email → Click the authentication URL → Set the password → log-in 

Submitting Steps

Choose Collection → Check, modify My Information → Fill out Metadata(thesis information, abstract and the table of content) → Select License Agreement(Copyright and CCL) → Upload file → Confirm submission → Finish submission → Staff's approval → Print approval document → Submit documents with printed theses 

2. After getting approval of submission, print out following documents.


3. Approval of the electronic version of the thesis happens during the regular working hours(09:00~17:00) and it takes about 1~2 days.


4. Submit the hard copy of the thesis with the documents to the Central library Research Commons(2F)

  • Master’s 3 copies (With hard cover, including one copy of the original approval letter)
  • Doctorate 3 copies (With hard cover, including one copy of the original approval letter)


1. Thesis Form

  • The page setting should be in "19cm X 26cm". Not A4, etc.
  • When you make a table of contents, please use the tool turn points.
  • You must write abstract in the same language as the Original File.
  • File Type : pdf ONLY


2. File up-loading

  • Submit only 1 file(File pages must match up with print pages)
  • Cover, table of content, body and abstract must belong to 1 file and must maintain the same form with the print version.)
  • In case of file size exceeds 100MB, please call or e-mail below.


3. File name

  • "Student number(Name).File type" ex) 200012345(Name).pdf


4. Image file

  • Image file must be included in the file.
  • Please transform image file's type into JPEG or GIF. (BMP, CAM or CAD will cause problem because of the file size.)


5. ETC.

  • Submitted theses are transformed into PDF type, and KyungHee University and associated institutions(ex. KERIS) will provide PDF files through each website.
  • If you have problem or difficulties in submitting thesis, please call or e-mail us with your name, major and student number.
  • The Hard copy submission deadline is different by each graduate school. Therefore, please check out your graduate school website for further information.


Central Library
Research Help Desk



Useful Info.

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Getting Started on Your Thesis or Dissertation


Module 2:
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