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KHU eBook Library

Domestic eBook collection for multi-discipinary

Loan available for 5 titles per 5 days (Loan extension available only for one time)

Gyobo ebook mobile APP (ID : Student ID, PW : Student ID)


Chinese eBook titles primarily on Chinese literature and history, as well as linguistics, geography, environmental sciences, politics, law and a few other subjects

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Cambrige University Press Ebook(EBA)

Ebooks from Cambridge University Press through Cambridge Core platform

Personal ID registration is required (Make sure to use @khu email to register)

  • Available Contents : Year 2011 ~ 2022
Ebook Central

Overseas ebooks in all subject

After 5 minutes free view, you can apply for purchase

Personal account registration required for purchase / download / print

Elsevier eBook

Overseas ebooks in all subject provided by ScienceDirect

GVRL (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

Overseas reference works and ebooks in all subject

iG Publishing

eBooks publised by Columbia University, Princeton University, Chicago University, Amsterdam University

EBSCO eBooks

Overseas ebooks in all subject

O'Reilly for Higher Education

A database that provides technical and management resources on more than 45,000 e-books, over 30,000 hours of video, case studies from well-known companies, learning passes, and expert playlists.

※ need to creat account


RSC eBook

eBooks published by the Royal Society of Chemistry

ScienceDirect Freedom Collection ebook

Overseas ebooks

Wiley Online eBooks

Overseas ebooks in engineering and natural sciences


Electronic Data Use

Please adhere to the fair use guidelines of electronic resource in order to protect the multiple users of goodwill and stabilize the service. When violation, please note that it may be disadvantaged.Since electronic resources subscribed in the library are protected by copyright, only reasonable use for personal use is permitted.

Illegal Use Criteria

  1. Act to download the full-specific issue
  2. Act to download 50 electronic data per a day from same desktop anc IP address
  3. Act to download 30 electronic data of one publisher per a day
  4. Act to download to transfer or steal ID, PW to others
  5. Act to allow connection of the external due to negligence of Administrator of the Personal PC server and the Public server


Please see Library Policy for more detail information

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