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The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a course that is open to all participants and is designed for web-based predefined learning objectives. Unlike the existing online learning videos, which the learner has only to listen to passively, it provides a new educational environment that enables bi-directional learning such as question-and-answer, discussion, quiz, and task submission between instructors and learners, learners and learners.



Domestic MOOC


launched its course with 27 courses from 10 domestic leading universities such as Seoul National University and KAIST, and provided 140 courses in '16, and more than 500 courses up to ‘18 expanding the number of lectures every year. Based on the advanced ICT infrastructure environment and e-learning technology, Korea has already achieved the world's highest level of IT education in the world. In the future, we will do our best to become K-MOOC as a global luxury brand.


Kyung Hee University K-MOOC


The founding idea of Kyung Hee MOOC 2.0 stems from KyungHee’s vision to universalize access to tertiary education to promote humanitarian values that education should be as a source to advance human potential; as to preserve culture; and as to preserve civilization at large. From this, Kyung Hee MOOC 2.0 is a part of response as redefining social responsibilities that emphasize education as a new form of sustainability for development.Through this project, KyungHee seeks to provide and improve education experiences for both on-and-off campus teaching and learning."


MOOC provied by KAIST


MOOC provided by UNST


Foreign MOOC


Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js), Ruby, SQL, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.


Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums.


Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.


We offer a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life.


Global Access Asia (GAA) is the online courseware platform of the Asian University Presidents Forum (AUPF), which has met annually since 2002 with the mission to “Increase Communication, Exchange Information, Share Experience and Seek Common Development” of institutions of higher education in Asia.

Iversity is an online learning platform for higher education and professional development courses provided by experts from all over Europe.


Discover Free & Quality MOOC Courses from Japan.


Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.


The MERLOT system provides access to curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers.


OpenupEd is, worldwide, one of the largest MOOC providers for higher education.


Open2Study is backed by Open Universities Australia (OUA), an Australian leader in accredited online education.


Pluralsight is a publicly held online education company that offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website.


Pluralsight is a publicly held online education company that offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website.


Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 80,000 courses taught by expert instructors.


XuetangX is the world’s first Chinese MOOC platform, authorized to operate edX courses in the Chinese mainland. Founded by Tsinghua University, it also provides a platform for research and application of MOE Research Center for Online Education.

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