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Plagiarism Prevention

About Turnitin

Turnitin is a service that checks and manages the plagiarism of papers and assignments. It is a Web service that helps prevent plagiarism in advance by comparing 12 billion Web pages worldwide and over 29 million academic journal , assignments and papers submitted through Turnitin in real time.



  • The world's most widely used plagiarism prevention service
  • Search resources: web pages, major newspapers, magazines & scholar journals, articles and assignments, thousands of books, and other academic publishing materials (Sage, Emerald, Gale, etc.)
  • Direct Source Comparison: View the subject and target of a comparison together on one screen
  • Various submission functions: HWP, PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, Word PerFect, etc.
  • Numerical verification: Confirmation of the degree of correspondence with the comparison target by%


How to use

1. Access Trunitin website

2. Create an account

  • ID is only available for Kyung Hee University e-mail address (ex :
  • If you do not have an e-mail address of Kyung Hee University, you should get it from webmail system (
  • When you use other mail account(gmail etc.), your account will be deleted

    Manual fo instructor 

    • When batch registration or individual application is completed, Turnitin will send a temporary password e-mail to the requested e-mail address.
    • If you did not receive the mail or would like to sign up individually, please send an email to (Employee number, affiliation, position, full name, mail address)



    Manual for Student

    PDF Manual

    • Class ID and Password required when creating account
    • ID is only available for Kyung Hee University e-mail address (ex :

3. Access "Kyunghee University" Class

Get Class ID / Key : Click ! (need to login)

  • If you already have a student account, do not create a new one, and you can add a new class directly from your account.
  • Documents from the previous class are read-only.

4. Click the Submit button for each purpose to "upload" a report for similarity checks.

5. Check similarity and originality reports.

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