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Materials Request

You can apply for the borrowed books, materials in the process or materials stored on other campuses.

Type of Request


When books that you would like to use have been already checked out, you may request for reserving of them for priority.

Object Notice

Books of Central library and Branch

  • If you have the same book available in the Global Campus Library, you can not reserve.


 In-Process Request

In case of in-process request books, the library will give a priority to the requested item in processing, and you can get the requested items ASAP. 

Object Notice

Books in process

  • Requested books can be borrowed the next opening day in the afternoon.
  • Be sure to check the place to pick up the materials after notification.


Inter-Campus Loan between the campus

If materials not held in the library of Global Campus are held and available in the library of Seoul Campus, you may check out them by use of the inter-campus loan service between the campuses.

Object Notice

"availablebook of Seoul Campus Central Library and Branch

  • Reservable books are limited to materials not on the Global Campus.

How to use

How to request

Homepage Log in ▷ Search ▷ Click on the 'Get it' tab in the search results ▷ Click 'Request' icon

  • Request can be applied for 5 per person
  • When you apply all 5 request, if you receive one of them, you can apply again.


Checking the result

Homepage Log in ▷ My Library ▷ My Request


 Borrowing the requested book

We will send you an arrival notification when the requested book arrives. You can borrow books from the library desk within two days of receiving your arrival notification.



Central Library

Borrowing    031-201-3215

Return    031-201-3214

Engineering Library


Humanitas Library