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Journals of Web of Science

SCI-grade journals are journals that typically include papers listed in SCI, SCIE, SSCI, and AHCI of the Web of Science.

In general, SCI journals tend to view SCI as core journals because they have a higher Imfact Factor than SCIE journals, but SCI journals can be listed if they have local influence, even if they are not international journals. Therefore, SCI journals are not necessarily more important than SCIE journals.

In addition, SCI journals are not recognized as a criterion of research results in all disciplines. Depending on the nature of the study, the importance of academic papers and monographs may be more important than research papers, and patents or various awards are recognized as more important research achievements.

Yearly files are reference data, and there may be time lags in the update process, so please search through the Web of Science in your subscription for the journal name or paper name.


2017년 7월 ~ 2017년 10월 Web of Science 등재 저널 리스트는 업체의 리스트 제공 중단으로 없습니다.

Journals of Scopus

Scopus from Elsevier is a citation index database similar to Web of Science.Over 50% of Scopus listed journals overlap with Web of Science.

While the Web of Science is based on English-American journals, Scopus contains many non-English journals, so it contains relatively many research results written in its own language

Journals of KCI

KCI(Korea Citation Index) provides not only academic information on domestic journals and published papers, but also on various statistical data necessary for research resource management and the influence of academic journals on the frequency of citations.

It can be used as a tool to assess the quality of journals published in subject areas. By understanding and researching the relationship between cited documents and cited documents in domestic journals, it can be used as quantitative data to grasp the level of each field and to evaluate research results of researchers.


KJCR is a platform for calculating and servicing various indexes for measuring quality of scientific journals such as Journal Influence Index based on the citation index data of 700 core scientific journals in domestic science and technology field. In addition to providing simple text information, it also provides various visualization services such as graphical charts for citation / quotation related information between journals

인용색인 DB

Web of Science

세계적인 저널평가 기관인 ISI사에서 제공하는 인용데이터베이스. SCI(E)/SSCI/AHCI 수록 논문 및 인용정보등을 제공


Elsevier 출판사에서 구축한 색인/인용데이터베이스로 전세계 5,000개 이상의 출판사에서 출판되는 21,000종 이상의 타이틀 수록

JCR (Journal Citation Reports)

Web of Science SCIE, SSCI, A&HCI의 인용정보를 이용하여 각 주제분야별 학술지의 순위를 제공하는 데이터베이스로서, SCI, SSCI/A&HCI 저널들의 Impact Factor 등의 정보 제공