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Mobile & Wireless

 Library Mobile App


Kyunghee University Library Mobile Application provides the following services.


Mobile ID

  • Reservation of Reading room and access to Reading room
  • Access to Resource room
  • Substitute student ID card for book borrowing


Check the status of Reading room

  • Checking the use of seats by Reading room
  • Check seating layout and status map by Reading room


Reservation of Group study room

  • Use of group study room and confirmation of reservation status


Confirm ticketing / Reservation / Waiting information

  • Check the seat you are currently ticketing
  • Check Group study room reservation, Waiting information
  • Check ticketing history
  • Seat extension
  • Return seats and cancel reservations
Download Mobile App


[ Android OS ]

  • Search and install "경희대 도서관 이용증" on Google Play.


[ iPhone IOS ]

  • Search and install "경희대 도서관 이용증" on App Store

 Log in


You need to login to use Kyunghee University Library Mobile App.

  • ID : Student ID
  • Password : Birth date (ex : 19920102)



① Seat Reservation : You can book a seat in the reading room.

② My Seat : You can check your current seat reservation / ticketing information, group study room reservation / usage information.

③ Group study room : You can book a seat the group study room.

④ KHU TalkTalk : You can simply talk to the library through KakaoTalk

⑤ Library Homepage : You can use library mobile homepage.

⑥ Library Mobile ID : It can be used for reading room, access to library and borrowing.

⑦ Notice : You can check the notices about the use of the library.

Wireless Internet

WiFi Service

Log in : ID/Password of Info21