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Citation Management Tool

Students and researchers from Kyunghee University can use EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley as a bibliographic management tool that efficiently manages collected academic resources and helps write them in the desired citation style when writing thesis.




Select and download Windows and Mac versions.

※ Only Kyunghee University members (enrollment students, faculties, and staffs) can use it.(You can download it after logging in to the library website.)


Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



1. Please uncompress the downloaded zip file and proceed with installing the program..

2. When installing, proceed with the installation after all MS-Office programs are finished..

3. Run the extension msi file.

4. Proceed with the installation in the order shown on the screen



1. If you want to install only styles and filters that correspond to your research field in EndNote, select "Custom" mode in "Select Installation Type". The common use is to proceed with the installation in "Typical" mode.

2. Click "Additional Styles" in "Select features", select the category, and select "Will be installed on local hard drive" to proceed with the installation.


If EndNote Desktop is installed, it can be used in synchronization with EndNote Online.

With 5GB of file storage, unlimited reference storage, and Group Sharing, you can register by visiting EndNote after installing the software. You need to create an account to proceed with the Sync process.


If you have an EndNote Online account

1. Move to Login dialog (Edit > Preference > Sync > Enable Sync)

2. Click the "Sign Up" button to enter your E-mail, password in "EndNote Account Credentials"

3. Click "OK" to start the Sync process


If you don't have an EndNote Online account

1. Move to Login dialog (Edit > Preference > Sync > Enable Sync)

2. Click the "Sign Up" button to go to the User Registration window

3. Enter E-mail in the User Registration window, then click "Submit"

4. Enter personal information in User Registration form

5. Click "I Agree"



Go to the Configuration menu (Edit > Preference > Sync) and check "Sync Automatically" in "Sync this EdNote Library" to automatically synchronize every 15 minutes.

※ When synchronizing manually, click "Sync" in the "Library menu".


 OpenURL, Authenicate URL configuration

To take advantage of the "Find Full Text" feature to automatically find and paste PDF files in EndNote, you must configure OpenURL and Authenticate URL information.

Enter the URL for OpenURL Path and Authenticate with in Edit > Preference > Find Full Text > OpenURL.


[ OpenURL Information ]

Global Campus Library

Seoul Campus Library

[ Authenticate wIth URL Information ]

Global Campus Library

Global Campus Library

 Collecting Full Text file

To collect Full Text files, you must go through the login process of the library website set up in the Authenticate URL of the EndNote.. 

Select one of the references, right-click and click "Authenticate". After that, ignore the warning window and enter the login information of the library website in the ID and password input window.


[ Find Full Text ]

Select the reference from which you want to collect the Full Text file, then right-click and click "Find Full Text".

The reference from which the Full Text file is collected has an attached icon in front of the reference


[ Open URL Link ]

If "Find Full Text" does not collect Full Text files, you can click "Open URL Link" to see if Full Text is available through the library linking resolver service.






  • Use off-campus access service when out of campus or wireless Internet access(login to the library website and access New RefWorks)
  • On first use, Create account    
  • To change accounts in RefWorks

- Log in to legacy RefWorks and require account authentication through "Move to the newest version of RefWorks from ProQuest" at the top left of the page<br />
- When you change your account to New RefWorks, existing references collected will be transferred.


  • Use after creating account for first use
  • Use off-campus access for use outside the cmapus or Wireless Internet (Log-in Homapage > RefWorks)



 Creat Account

1. Access to Mendeley > "Create Account"

2. If you already have Scopus, ScienceDirect, or SciVal accounts, you can log in with the same account.

3. Personal library storage space 2GB provided with your first free account.


 Institutional version upgrade

1. When upgrading the institutional version, personal library storage space: 100GB, shared library space: 100GB, Number of private groups: Unlimited, Private group size: 100 is provided.

2. How to upgrade Institutional version : Automatically upgraded if you log in to Mendeley once within the on-campus IP band of Kyung Hee University (valid for one year from the login date, automatically extended if you log in at the on-campus IP band of Kyung Hee University before maturity).

3. Check the upgrade of the institution version : My account > Setting > Subscription > Packages


 Web Importer

Ability to store references searched on a website immediately (for Chrome, Firefox, Edge browsers)


 Mendeley Reference Manager for Desktop

Mendeley's PC version allows Windows and Mac versions.


 Mendeley Cite

MS Word and Mendeley are linked to automatically insert citations, bibliographies.

  • Install after Mendeley Cite search in MS-Word > Insert > Get Add-ons


 User Guide



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