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  • You can check the availability of the materials and call number on the library homepage, find books directly in the bookshelf and borrow from the library desk or self-check at each library with your ID card or Mobile App.

  • The request service book (reservation, in-process, inter-campus loan) can be borrowed from the circulation desk.

  • The number and duration of books that can be borrowed for user types are different. Users with more than one ID can only use one identity.
    For example, if you are an assistant and a graduate student, you must choose one. 

  • You can borrow the supplements by calling the circulation desk.

  • If you have any overdue book or have not paid your overdue fee, you can not borrow the materials.

  • Reference books (dictionaries, annuals, statistical materials, etc.), periodicals, non-book materials (CD, audio-visual materials, etc.) can not be borrowed.

Borrowing Policy by User Type

User Type Borrowing Volume Borrowing Period
Undergraduate students 10 books 14 days
Graduate students 30 books 30 days
Part-time faculty & staff, Medical Center Members 30 books 30 days
Full-time faculty & staff 30 books 180 days
alumni, Community Members, Other User 5 books 14 days

Members of Kyung Hee Cyber University are the same as above.

Excellent users of undergraduate and graduate schools will receive an additional three-book loan for the semester.

The supplements of books are ​​also included in the borrowing volume.

  • Renewal is available from the day after the borrowing is made and the renewal period is ½ of the borrowing period by user type.

  • There is no limit to the number of renewals, but there is a limit to the maximum renewal period (½ of the borrowing date).

  • If the material you want to renew is in a reserved state, overdue or sanctioned, you can not renew it.
    For example, the Borrowing period for undergraduates is 14 days and the maximum extension period is 21 days(14 days + 14 days x 1.5 times = 21 days)

  • How to : login to the homepage > My Library > Click on the "RENEW" button of the corresponding book in the loan status

  • The book must be returned to the return desk within the due date.

  • Return of books in library closed time can be returned by return box(entrance of Central library, Cheongungwan and Orbis Hall). If you have a overdue fee, you will have to settle the next borrowing.

  • Overdue books are subject to late fees (including public holidays) of 100 won / 1 book, 1 day. (Up to 20,000 won)

  • If you hold overdue books for more than 30 days after the due date, you are classified as a long-term overdue patron who is not eligible to borrow any books from the library or to request for issuing any certificates for a month.

  Central Library Branch Libraries Medical Center Library Global Campus Library

Return Box

(library closed time)

  Returnable status
Central Library O O X O O
Branch Libraries O O X O O
Medical Center Library X X O X X
Global Campus Library O X X O X
ILL(InterLibrary Loan) Book O X X X X

 Branch Libraries : Law Library, Medical Library, Oriental Medicine Library, Art Library

 Return Box Location : Entrance of Central Library(1F), Cheongungwan(1F), Orbis Hall(3F)

 Payment Bank Account for Late Fees : 경희대학교 열람과,  KEB Hana Bank, 278-910010-16004, applicant information (student id)


  • If you lose a book checked out from the library, please visit and report it to the circulation desk.

  • You should purchase and return the same book within a week after reporting of the loss.

  • When it is not possible to replace the same book due to out of stock or out of print, the library will designate a specific book similar to the lost one.

  • In case that it is not possible to replace a similar book, you should compensate for the loss with the money estimated by the library.

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